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Amberalatorre about 1 month ago

Adobo Fried Chicken

I've been to Gaya Gaya a couple of times. I had the Adobo fried chicken and chicken tocino bowl. It's hard to say which one I enjoyed more. I am so curious how Chef infuses the chicken with the delicious adobo flavor while delivering a crisp, juicy chicken. Oh ya- the ube waffle is the perfect match. The serving is generous def. enough to share with 2-3 people. So why pick one? Order them all and share! My next trip I will be enjoying the (homemade) spam fried rice. Service has been great and gracious very typical to the filipino culture.

Mermathon about 2 months ago

Pancit Bihon or Canton

The pancit was the right thickness, was so flavorful and super fresh. Hands down the best pancit . Beats Gemmae's Pancit as well.

Boomrr 3 months ago

Octopus Inasal

I love seafood but the thought of those suction tentacles on my tongue always turned me off to ordering an octopus dish. I tried it before at a different restaurant and had to find a discrete way to spit out the rubbery, chewy piece that I had been working on for...I don't know, it felt like ten minutes!! Ewww. It was a forgettable experience. That is, until today! Today I had the Octopus Inasal and it was octo-insanely yummy! So tender, it ate like meat! I stirred it around to get as much kabocha puree as possible before I popped the pieces in my mouth. I had to ask Chef DJ how he prepared it and his mini-lesson on acid breaking down protein and then cooking it using two methods made me think. "Damn, this man not only should be cooking but TEACHING culinary classes!" DJ had me looking for all eight legs of the animal after I devoured the portion on my plate, hahaha! My fingers were just about to imitate the stealth suave octopus movement to covet the octopus plate from my dining neighbor, but I miraculously controlled myself. Then Chef DJ started talking about octopus ink on rice! Say what?! Wow that would also be new for me! Well from now on, whatever octopus dish Chef DJ prepares; tentacles, ink and all, I'm all in! Long live Octopus Inasal!

D3sir3760 3 months ago

Chicken Tocino Bowl

I love this placa and very impressed with the quality of the food and presented.I'm absolutely coming back and spreading the work to my family and friends. Thank you!!

Alissamamon 4 months ago

Adobo Fried Chicken

The Adobo Fried Chicken with Ube Waffles was really yummy! We especially loved the ube waffles. The chicken was crispy and yummy. The smaller pieces especially. One of our chickens were really huge and they had to re-cook it for us a couple times because it was red on the inside for a bit. The service was fantastic too!

Sworndestiny 4 months ago

Chicken Tocino Bowl

The chicken tocino bowl was both clean and so nostalgic! Nothing like the greasy pork tocino that's close to my heart, but instead updated and upgraded with a simple yet flavorful bowl. The egg was an unexpected star of the meal: PERFECTLY cooked with a gorgeous custard-like yolk! I'm craving that egg as much as I'm craving my next visit to Gaza Gaya.

Jvmqsanchez 5 months ago

Adobo Fried Chicken

The Adobo Fried Chicken was boooomb! Especially if you eat it with the ube waffle and the ube butter that comes with it. Aaaaaaahh! I had it with rice too so it was perfect either way! ❤️ My husband got the Longganisa Stack Burger and he loved it. Everything he loves in a burger, Pork belly, Longganisa and Tocino!! Mouthwatering goodness! Will definitely be back so we can catch Karaoke Night and enjoy some drinks!

Tdominguez1221 about 2 months ago

Crispy Pata

Putok Batok but totally worth all the cholesterol and fats!

Sam 3 months ago

Adobo Empanada

Adobo empanadas were awesome. The plant in my head added to the ambiance.

Contactlisab 3 months ago

Octopus Inasal

This was hands down the best octopus I've ever had!! I didn't know octopus could taste so delicious and tender. The presentation was almost too pretty to eat but the flavor was even better. The octopus was buttery and savory and the potatoes and purée complemented it perfectly. I can't wait to go back and have it again! Don't miss this dish!

Jenn 3 months ago

Halo Halo

Chef Dj is a wonderful chef I enjoyed my Kamayan night which was only $20 bucks and it has rice, Bbq sticks, chicken Ticino, sinigang, tomatoes, mange, carrots, fried fish and crab legs to name A few, it was topped on a Banana leaves on a long table, it was very delicious, I enjoyed the sauces that came with the lumpia as Well. I also ordered the Halo Halo which is a Filipino dessert and it wa delicious with the Ube Ice cream, will definitely come back cause I wanna try there happy hour and also brunch. The staff is nice and the Restaraunt is very big to host parties and even has a wonderful bar. Chef Dj is very creative in his cuisine bringing a different light to the Filipino cuisine.

Norman Melanio 4 months ago

Bicol Express

This was a perfect dish alone or shared. My Filipino Co-workers wanted to try the place out. I have tasted Chef DJ Tangalin's food at his former place and wanted to see it on his own place now - Gaya Gaya. We ordered several dishes but this is the standout, the broth with small pieces of pork belly delicious as you poured it out on the binagoong rice. The potatoes fried just right so best to eat on top rather than letting it drop down on the tasty broth. The mussels were just right. This is the dish I recommend to all my friends both Filipinos and non-Filipinos. We will be back to try out other dishes (we also had adobo chicken/waffles and crispy pata). And possibly one of the Kamayan dinners.

Anthony 5 months ago

Adobo Fried Chicken

I have got to try this!!


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